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     Welcome to the Kingdom!  

We would like to take a moment to introduce ourselves to you and welcome you to the Kingdom! After many months of planning and preparation, a Kingdom was borne on April 26th, 2013 and was henceforth named Royalty Dog Rescue, LLC. We are an all volunteer rescue group, located in Ohio. We began as a small group formed to help save dogs in need, and have grown to over 28 fosters, 20 volunteers, which include a Board of Directors. We do not have a facility for our Royal's as they are fostered, which we feel provides our prince and princesses with a sense of a home life while they wait for their furever Kingdom. Our foster homes and volunteers are spread wide throughout the land, from as far north as Cleveland, to southwest in Columbus, Ohio, and many counties in between. Founded by dog lovers, who combined have over 40 years of rescue experience. We have thoroughly screened foster parents for the dogs in our program. 

     Our mission statement is, Royalty Dog Rescue saves dogs who have run out of time at dog pounds and brings people and animals together to enrich each others lives. Our goals include the rescue, rehabilitation, spay/neuter and adoption of the abandoned dogs, as well public education regarding breeds and the importance of spay/neuter of animals in battling the escalating overpopulation problem. 

  Royalty Dog Rescue, takes dogs into our program from dog pounds, humane societies, surrendered by owners and from commercial breeders. We will never pay an individual or breeder for a dog. All dogs are spayed/neutered before they can be adopted and are never available for adoption until medically and socially cleared. 

  In compliance with State of Ohio law, we are a registered rescue with the Ohio Department of Agriculture, We are a registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization making all of your generous donations tax deductible.

We are solely run on donations, whether from adoptions, events or fundraisers. 

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Dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation,
spay/neuter and adoption of dogs
Royalty Dog Rescue 
Code of Ethics 
Are you an owner who is needing to re-home you dog? 
Before taking your pet to a shelter, please consider surrendering to a rescue. 
 Email us for our policies on owner surrender's.  

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Adopters often wonder why our adoption donations are what they are, all of our adoption donations are based on vet care. To better explain, here is a break down of a typical vet care bill for a rescue dog that weighs between 40#-60#'s:

Heartworm test: 28.00
Canine Spay: 159.20 (includes anesthesia) 
Canine Rabies:12.00
Dental Cleaning & Prophy per Minute: 60.00
Fecal Float: 18.00
DHPP+C Annual Vaccination: 16.00
Bordatella Oral: 12.00
Nexguard (25-60): 23.32
Heartguard: 9.29
Total: 337.81

Add if needed: Dew Claw removal: 80.00, Eye surgery: 150.00, antibiotics: 30.00 or other various medicines which run us from 5.50 to 30.00. If our Royal needs a follow-up visit with the vet, that is 40.00 a visit, and for each month that they are not adopted, add flea/tick/heartworm prevention for those months. As you can see, for the average 40-60# royal, we, the rescue, absorb the cost of vet care.

Our adoption donations do not cover food, collars, leashes, toys, gas to drive to the vet, grooming or training. We want each and every Royal to receive the best care and we thank our wonderful vet's at Danville Veterinary Clinic and the staff there for loving our Prince and Princess's like they do!