Royalty Dog Rescue

Adoption Information 
Our Adoption Policies & Procedures 
  •   No dog’s final adoption will take place unless spayed or neutered, or all medical treatments have been completed. 

  • We do not adopt dogs to homes whose pets are not spayed or neutered, or current on vaccines. Applications with pets who are not vaccinated and/or do not receive Heartworm Preventative will not be considered. We do accept applicants who use and can provide records of titer testing. 
 We are committed to finding the right home for our animals, and have developed our adoption policies based on our years of experience with rescuing and adopting out dogs and cats. Not everyone who applies to adopt will be approved. We do the best we can to match prospective adopters with the right animal.

We get to know our animals well and are very successful with training and re-training for behavioral modification. When you get a pet from us, there are no surprises. We pride ourselves on being completely honest with prospective owners, so as not to unduly stress the pet by having it returned 2 or 3 weeks later.

All of our animals are returnable for the life of the pet, although we have a very low return rate, because we take the time to match pets with people for the best possible life for both of you. We have medical care done by our very competent vet before adopting pets out. Our pets are adopted with full disclosure of known health conditions.

Our goal is to not lose money and our adoption donation covers all vetting costs, including: pull fees charged to rescues by shelters and animal control facilities, spay/neuter costs, all shots including bordetella (kennel cough), distemper/parvo/lepto (7 way vaccine), rabies, dental treatment, fecal and heartworm and tick-borne disease screening, and treatment as needed, heartworm and flea prevention, microchip and registration, grooming, food and any other costs which may be incurred.  
On average, we spend more than $350.00 per dog, and we make up the difference through fundraising. 

Why does adopting a dog cost so much? It is true that many government-run shelters may have a very low adoption fee to adopt a dog. However, most do not provide the vet care we do and those that do are heavily subsidized by taxpayers. We applaud the work that shelters do, but we do not have the resources of the taxpaying public to support our work. It is expensive to properly vet a dog, especially 
a larger breed. The adoption donations we receive allow us to continue rescuing other animals in need. Majority of the time, the dogs we take in are in poor physical condition and are in need of extensive vet care. A dog that has heartworms can cost $800 to treat. Orthopedic issues can run in to the thousands of dollars. We do fundraisers to cover these special needs dogs, but adoption donations allow us to keep the Kingdom open. While a dog without heartworm’s vet and associated costs may only be $325.00, this helps us off-set for those whose care costs us upwards of $800.00.  

Please note.....

 A completed application does NOT guarantee adoption approval. 
  • The first step in adopting from Royalty Dog Rescue is to fill out our adoption application, which can be found here. 

Once we receive that, we will call your personal references and your vet. Please make sure and let your vet know that we will be calling and give them permission to speak to us!** Remember, we are a small all volunteer rescue, so it may sometimes take a week or two once we receive your application to call them. Please be patient with us during this process. 

  • The second step is that we arrange a meet and greet with the dog or dogs that you are interested in. Our adoption procedure includes having several meet and greet with our prince or princesses, along with their foster parents before an adoption is finalized. If you are willing to commit to these visits, we are more than willing to adopt to you and your family. Adopting a rescue dog is a long term commitment .We are not a facility, all of our dogs are in foster homes. The meet and greet will be held at our local Tractor Supply Company. If you currently have pets in your home, we will request that you bring them along for the meet and greet.   

  • The third step in the process is that we will arrange for a home visit. We will bring the dog or dogs that you are interested to your home. 

  • The final step in the process is that the Royalty Dog Rescue Board members will meet and decide which kingdom is the best fit for our Royal and then the adoption will be finalized. We do require that you come to us for your final adoption also. 

Some important things to note:

  • It may take a week or two to arrange a meet and greet due to the foster families schedule or to find a volunteer to do a home visit for us. 

  • Our policy is NOT first come first serve, it is whomever is the best fit for the dog and sometimes the dog chooses for us! ​

  • YES!! We do adopt ​out of state, but, you are required to come to us for the meet and greets and adoption. In the case of an out of state adoption, we utilize a rescue close to you to preform the home visit. If you are willing to make these trips, then we are willing to adopt out of state! No, we are sorry, we do not ship our animals.  

  • Royalty Dog Rescue will take back any adopted Royal if the adoption does not work out for any reason. Please e-mail our adoption coordinator at to start the return process. Please specify the problem you are having with your pet so we can assist you quickly. 

  • Can I get my adoption donation refunded if my new Royal doesn’t work out?  In general, no. We want potential pet owners to be sure they are ready to adopt. We would rather you think about it before you adopt rather than after. We are willing to work through any issues that arise. If you are having an issue, email our Outreach Coordinator at so that she can assist you with any issue you may be having. 
Still have more questions? Please feel free to email our Adoption Coordinator Susan below! 
** If you rent, we do require speaking to your landlord before we process your application as well.